Alien: Covenant


Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 65%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 55%
IMDb Rating 6.4 10 260193

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Noomi Rapace as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw
Michael Fassbender as David / Walter
James Franco as Branson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mckenzie-boyle 4 / 10

Immersion IMMEDIATELY Broken

At approximately 10 minutes into the film, after the ship was hit by a solar flare, and the crew are being woken out of cryo sleep, one of the pods begins malfunctioning. The crew attempt to pry it open, but are too late, as the inside of the pod is filled with flames. FLAMES.


This instantly shattered the immersion of the movie for me. What kind of cryo pod - something that is DESIGNED to keep people ALIVE would have such a glaring flaw? How could that even happen? The pod gets messed up and therefore it turns into an INCINERATOR? I mean, I know these films require a certain suspension of disbelief, but this is just lazy. Of all the ways a cryp pod could malfunction and end up killing its inhabitant, being filled with FIRE is what they went with? Really? That's not dramatic, that's straight up parody.

I had a very hard time taking the movie seriously after that and it's indicative of all the choices made in this film going forward.

Reviewed by freddyj8882002 1 / 10

Not just disappointed, I am angry.

I started going to the movies when I was about 8 or 9 years old. I am now 71 years old. My oldest daughter and I have tried to get to the newest movie, every weekend, for the past 35 years. When watching movies, I never complain about the actor/actress in the movie. My concern is the writer/director of the movie. Acting,now, is like working at McDonald's was when I was growing up. There is so much money involved in movie making that with a few classes, young people can make a living in the movie industry. I have a nephew, living in L.A., that started right out of high school working with a crew that puts "set's" together for movies and TV. He even got credit at the end of some of the movies he worked on. Amazing that a person can get credit for putting furniture on and off a set.

I put in my summary that I was not just disappointed in this movie, but angry. I am not angry at the movie, the actor's, the CGI, or the Director. I think that I am angry at the movie industry for allowing this kind of crap to be put in the theater. I am angry, because I actually paid money to see this piece of crap. I am angry because Riddley Scott promised so much more. I thought that "Prometheus" was actually pretty good,despite it flaws. It was a movie about possibilities and that is what science fiction is for. The possibilities ended when the mentally Ill android, destroyed the Engineers. I am now done with this series of movies, there is no more story to tell. A mentally ill human (Weyland), created a mentally ill android (David), who created Xenomorphs that kill humans. That's it folks, the story is over,no need for two more pieces of crap like this.

Thanks to Alien Covenant, I am done going to the movie theater. I will not pay another dime to go to the theater. We movie lovers are being abused by the movie industry. I have told you a better story in less than a thousand words then this piece of crap told anyone on planet earth. Ridley had 97 Million dollars to tell us a better story and he didn't. If you have not paid to see it, don't pay to see it. Wait until it comes to your steaming device and see it for free. That way you can't be disappointed or angry. Please forgive the rambling.

Reviewed by rambofan4life 1 / 10

Ridley's Scott Alien mess, forgettable, boring hell of a mess the second worst movie in the Alien franchise ever!

This is another raging rant on Alien: Covenant in "Alien" franchise! Yesterday I watched this movie on TV and this movie was boring, forgettable illogic and the second worst Alien movie in the franchise ever! This is an pair with Alien 3 it is another cash grab STINKER!! This movie sucks! Ridley Scott what are you doing? This movie suppose to be a sequel to Alien franchise not Prometheus! Michael Fassbender sucks in this movie! I hate the actor so much I hate him!

The plot is un logical I don't get it: A group of people wake up on a ship from a hypersleep one guy dies and the crew get's a new captain. Some men goes and fix the ship and they are force to land on some distant planet which is beyond me? Why did they had to land on some distant planet? They land on a mystery planet and they split in 2 groups. 2 men separately in both groups get's infected by some black mysterious fog or what is it called. A small alien creature bursts from their chest and one of the men dies is infirmity and a girl leaves her colleague locked in a room with chestburster really selfish. The ship than explodes. The other group meets David (Michael Fassbender) from Prometheus who tells them lies and tricks his doppelganger Walter by killing him off to take his identity while other group runs away from this planet while an Alien runs away from the group like some clown instead hunting them down and killing them one by one like in the first original movie!

On a ship the group of survivors are chasing an Alien? Why they chase an Alien? On the end of the film they kill off Alien and the guy David tricks them in too hypersleep, kills whole crew with some sleep gas and lies, laughs tricks Daniels (Katherine Waterston) which she was too late to realize what is going on. And we see the ship flying that's the end. In the space there were another group on a ship watching the planet didn't do anything. They didn't want too interfere. I hate , hate this movie! I hate the ending I hate it so much!!!!!!

I don't understand this movie. This movie is not a horror movie it is a peace a S**t movie! It sucks the cast is unlikable. The movie fails been at good it fails. The CGI effects are awful horrible. Everything about this movie is forgettable half of the movie I fall a sleep. The cast is horrible Michael Fassbender still sucks in this movie.

Where is intelligence in this movie? Excitement and brilliancy where is it? I don't see it. This movie with Alien 3 sucks!!!

I like Ridley's Scott's Alien one of the best movies of all time. I am a fan of the first original Alien film!!!! Alien: Covenant sucks the story is a mess. I just don't get it. Does this movie copy's the first Alien? I guess so, like opening scene they have to land on a different planet like in the first movie. They find abandon ship like in the first movie. But in the first movie they come a cross large egg-like objects in this movie they come a cross David who saves them. David is overhyped - Michael Fassbender is overhyped actor in my opinion. There was no facehugger, chestburster or an Alien species in this movie at all. The music score is terrible, forgettable!!! Nothing, there is nothing good about this movie to say, except Ridley Scott you blow it!!!!!! I will never, ever in my inter life watch this movie again! Thank god I didn't buy it on Blu-ray it want come near my precious collection Alien and Aliens.

Ridley Scott doesn't know what he is doing anymore. He just can not make a good alien movie anymore. I love James Cameron's masterpiece Aliens that is one of the best action films ever!!!! Alien: Covenant and Ridley Scott I hate you! You gave us a boring mess of a movie as long you got paid. Good job Ridley Scott! Way to go ruining the "Alien" franchise!

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