Barb Wire


Action / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 27%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 14%
IMDb Rating 3.3 10 25510

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Clint Howard as Schmitz
Pamela Anderson as Barb Wire
Diana Lee Inosanto as Customs Agent #2
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English 2.0
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1 hr 38 min
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnc2141 7 / 10

don't call her babe!

OK the critics dismissed this,and many call this a cheesy bad movie,all the Pamela Anderson haters,but me i thought barb wire rocked. its a good action movie,i think Roger Corman would envy,and yes Pam Anderson does look like a busty Barbie doll.she looks great.her acting is'nt great but who cares.its an action film.that follows the plot of Casablanca,believe it or not.Pam plays a variation of the Bogie character.Canadian actor Steve Railsback plays a Nazi type officer who runs around shooting people along with his Nazi like henchmen.i saw this originally in 1996 and did'nt really like it that much,i had re watched it recently and changed my mind.i know barb wire is mentioned on all these bad movie lists but its really pretty good.not a classic but a good action movie nonetheless.props to Pam Anderson playing a real kick butt heroine.7 out of 1o,just don't call her babe.

Reviewed by guisreis 7 / 10

A distopic remake of 'Casablanca' with Pamela Anderson: surprisingly, it is not bad

Although based in comic book series, the "Barb Wire" movie intends to be a remake o classical "Casablanca". It keeps the core elements of the 40's film, but adapts it to a distopic sci-fi action futuristic movie. Pamela Anderson plays Barb, a role similar to Bogart's Rick. The gender of the love affair from the past and of the third part of the love triangle have also been changed. The fictional town of Steel Harbor in the United States replaces Casablanca and the story is held during a futuristic Second Civil War rather than in the beginning of World War II. Both protagonists own a bar/nightclub, but Barb Wire is also a bounty huntress. As this remake is a sci-fi film, special contact lenses that cheat retinal scans substitute the letters of transit kept with Rick. As predictable, acting is worse in this remake, which has much more action. Off course "Casablanca" is much better, but surprisingly "Barb Wire" is not bad, in spite of the bad critics it has received.

Reviewed by vanilia-24825 7 / 10

I have thoroughly enjoyed it

As much as I appreciate great movies and prefer to watch something that makes me think a little, a bit of brainless action and pure camp often does the trick too! Watching the trailers I expected more than I got but it was still enough. Despite it lacking orginal story, good acting and someone that you would care about in this movie besides Pam; it is not as bad as everone says. To me the worst sin that film can commit is being boring, which is something that I have not experienced here. The best characteristics of Barb Wire are the very well done action sequences and sexuality of the main protagonist. I mean c'mon, who would watch anything with Pamela anderson if it wasn't for her boobs. as much as I don't find women attractive and as I as woman I should say that she is just portayed as an sex object,but I think that is the whole fun in it! This movie is not pretending to be anything else than it is; a cool B-class film. I will definitely watch it again. For me it is way better than the Prometheus which I absolutely hate.

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