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Dee Wallace as Nurse Russell
Jilon VanOver as Kevin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MrTacchi 2 / 10

I was scared by the horrible acting.

I don't get to write much reviews on IMDb any longer, but this movie made me want to join the bad reviews people had been giving this film. It's unbelievable that it actually made such a high score! I'm really led to believe that the actors and the crew had been voting here.

The main problem in this film is the acting : is so outstandingly bad that it gets annoying. I didn't even care for the stupid plot, because the lines were so fake and unrealistic that I couldn't focus on the story at all. I think the director should have dubbed the movie all over, maybe that would've helped a little. The actors lacked any kind of emotion expressions whatsoever. Some may blame the low budget here, but I don't think that's a excuse for such a bad execution. For example, in one scene, a moronic blonde dude is watching his best friend turning into a monster, right in front of his eyes , and instead of being shock or held disbelief, he starts screaming(calmly and not-that-convinced) to the one guy that is trying to shoot the monster "don't kill my friend, he is my best friend" ; and when the monster finally gets shot, the moronic blonde dude starts complaining "you shot my best friend, I'm gonna call the cops" but the cops don't take his call rightaway, so he decides to break the cellphone, his one and only way to communicate outside (they were locked inside the haunted house)... Really, a painful movie to see.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5 / 10

Messy Ghost Story

The friends Emmett (Happy Mahaney), Freddy (Josh Holt), Marie (Nicole Rayburn), Kevin (Jilon Ghai) and his reluctant girlfriend Jessie (Trish Coren) decide to spend the Halloween night in an abandoned hospital. Meanwhile, the younger Allan (Michael Samluk ) meets the old friend of his father Arlo Ray Baines (Dig Wayne) and asks him to help to find his vanished sister Meg (Rachel Melvin) in the same spot. The two groups meet each other in the mental institution section on the haunted third floor and they find that they are trapped in the place. Jessie has visions from the past and discovers that the ghost of Jacob (M. Steven Felty), a former patient that raped a little girl and burned the hospital, is trying to escape possessing their bodies that melt down with his evil spirit.

"Boo" is a messy ghost story, with a confused screenplay and poor development of characters, especially Jessie. This lead character and her relationship with her mad mother are the key point of the story, but their stories are awfully disclosed. Further, the character Kevin acts like an annoying moron. The group using an old elevator that works in an abandoned building is ridiculous. However, I startled in some moments with the eerie atmosphere. My vote is five.

Title (Brazil): "Hospital Maldito" ("Damned Hospital")

Reviewed by bugaboo-7 5 / 10

A cut above

I hate using back-handed, "well it's better than the worst" compliments but, having seen my share of low budget horror movies of late, I must say that Boo! is certainly a cut above most of them.

It's well shot, creating an atmospheric and eerie feeling not generally found in the genre today. The effects are well done. The plot itself is solid and there are some clever laugh out loud moments.

On the downside, the pace drags at times and some of the dialog is weak in spots but not too much to be distracting. Also, there are a couple horror movie, "why the Hell are they doing that?" logic issues.

The biggest distraction came with some of the casting. Most of the actors are capable although not great, but I felt one of the main characters was weak. On the plus side, the villain is terrific. (Sorry about mixing my tenses)

Horror movies are a crap-shoot, usually more crap than anything else. But if you're looking for something better than most, I would recommend Boo! It's performance will make me keep an eye out for other Graveyard Filmworks productions.

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