In the Heights


Action / Drama / Music / Musical / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 96%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 95%
IMDb Rating 7.7 10 13555

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Jimmy Smits as Kevin Rosario
Olga Merediz as Abuela Claudia
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eclectic-Boogaloo 4 / 10

What's all the fuss about?

All the things that are wrong with this movie could be summed up by the big midpoint dramatic sequence.

Character drama with celebratory singing and dancing. A dramatic scene where everyone's happy. It's so dark. But LOOK AT THE FIREWORKS!!!

This movie is too long and can't seem to let any drama build for more than 30 seconds before assaulting the screen with smiling faces and singing. I'm Latino so I really wanted to like this. Some of the songs are. Ice. Some of the themes resonated with me. But the music and dance is not strong enough to carry a 2.5 hour movie with no drama and focus.

Favorite scene: the abuela musical number with the flashback (paciencia y fe). Fantastic!

Reviewed by cobo-3 3 / 10

Not for me

I am a huge fan of Broadway musicals, and I love to watch them on stage every time I can. I had already seen an In The Heights performance, but it was an amateur one so I thought that's why I didn't like it.

But now I realize, after watching Hamilton and this movie, that my problem is that I don't like Lin Manuel Miranda's musicals in general. With Moana there was enough variety in song styles, and the non-musical parts of the movie were great.

But when I am bombarded with this style of rap combined with high pitched almost screams, in what seems to be an endless 2.5 hour song, I can't enjoy it. Add that to the fact that the story is just a series of events and characters scattered all around the place, without an actual plot, and it becomes, for me, a really boring monotonous experience.

I'm happy for the people that have enjoyed this kind of movie, because I would like to see more tries at musicals coming from Hollywood. But even being latino (mexican) myself, and having good memories from my visit to New York City, I just could not have a good time with this movie.

Reviewed by stuffkikker 4 / 10

Lacks focus, and the songs are too high strung

For some reason Moana kept popping to mind while watching this movie. If you've seen Moana, you might appreciate the clear narrative purpose of it's songs, their dosing and simply their composition. 'In the Heights' fails on these points though.

So this is just my opinion, but for a movie or musical, a good song has a clear message and narrative purpose. Be it to make clear a characters intent or state of mind, or to unveil a specific plot twist or something of the sorts. In 'In the Heights' however, songs jump from subject to subject; from a persons background to the situation another person finds themselves in, to romantic aspirations, to life beyond The Heights, etc. They tried to cover to much content in most songs, and it just leaves the senses overloaded.

Not helping those senses is that most songs are just too high strung; they have a constant high energy and intensity as if every line is the highlight of both the song and the movie. There is no pacing or ease, no breaks or just a moment where they shut up and give the music a moment to breathe, which makes the watching experience rather exhausting.

The acting itself is good, the story is cute, but the movie aims to be a musical and in that it just fails.

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