Sik ching nam lui


Action / Comedy / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.7 10 685

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Qi Shu as Mango
Karen Mok as May
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by christopher-underwood 7 / 10

plenty of sexy, touching, inspiring and thought provoking moments

Enjoyable and likable movie about the making of a soft core sex movie in Hong Kong. Probably gets it's Cat3 rating for one particular scene in a telephone box but there are plenty of sexy, touching, inspiring and thought provoking moments. The film maker has his own personal problems as well as the 'artistic' considerations to deal with. There is also the question of the (lovely) leading lady who wants to do the sex film without nude scenes. Played by Shu Qi in only her second film, this is a very fine performance and much of the film's sparkle emanates from the way she deals with her own coming to terms with the sex scenes. She complains that if she makes her orgasmic scenes more 'real' then people watching will think they are real. Good point and just one of the contradictions in this deceptively simple little film. Returning to that scene in the telephone box, for instance, where in order to get the scene as wanted and on the street, the guy goes at it for real tearing off dress and bra. She 'acts' terrified and the passers by roar approval and disapproval as the sexy 'rape' is enacted before all our eyes. An interesting movie that is well worth a watch.

Reviewed by Lagomorph 8 / 10

A witty, self-aware commentary on the Hong Kong film industry.

"Viva, Erotica" (English title) is a smart, bizarre, entertaining film which plays with genre and the boundaries between parody, drama, and pornography. Never taking itself too seriously--but never content to simply dismiss itself--this movie portrays the emotional life of a Hong Kong director with just the right mix of sentimentality and meta-theatrical humor.

The film will leave you endlessly questioning your own reactions.

Reviewed by crossbow0106 8 / 10

Like Most Things, Its About Compromise

The late Leslie Cheung plays Sing, a director whose last two films were unsuccessful. In order to shoot his new film, changes would have to be made to the script, namely there would now be erotic elements to it. At first resisting, he realizes it has to be done. The lead actress is Mango, played by the very sexy Shu Qi and, herself not liking what she has to do, eventually comes on board. There are some really fun scenes in this film, and it also has the added bonus of a young Karen Mok playing Sing's increasingly neglected girlfriend. A meditation on the HK film industry, but it could have been from anywhere. You just know these kind of quid pro quos happen all the time in business, why not the film industry? The acting is good throughout. I think it should be required watching for budding film directors and anyone else who wants to be part of the film industry. I think you'll like it.

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