Suite Française


Action / Drama / Romance / Thriller / War

IMDb Rating 7 10 24446

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Michelle Williams as Lucile Angellier
Ruth Wilson as Madeleine Labarie
Paul Ritter as Monsieur Dubois
Matthias Schoenaerts as Lieutenant Bruno von Falk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by krocheav 8 / 10

There Is Another Untold Story Within This Interesting Work

There's a story behind this movies existence that is as interesting as the film itself. It's disappointing to know that scenes involving the original story writers daughter (played by veteran Eileen Atkins) were deleted prior to the films release. Unfortunately, all that's left of these scenes is a montage of pages from her mothers original manuscript shown under the end credits - using these notes in this way can prove a little confusing for those unaware of the origins of these writings - as it tends to appear as if the films story was based on factual characters (while I'm sure many were indeed based on very real people and for the most part the instances portrayed were founded on some terrible historical facts).

The author of the original story, Irene Nemirovsky, was tragically sent to her death at the hands of the invading German army following bitter fighting during the occupation of France in 1942. Her husband, before he also was executed, gave their daughter Denise his wife's manuscripts. Denise, for emotional reasons did not read her mother's writings till an astounding 60yrs later. She eventually had them compiled into a novel that was published in 2002 - becoming an international best seller. Story rights were then sold for production as a screenplay. Denise sadly died just before the films release. To play the main protagonist producers cast Michele Williams (My week With Marilyn '11) mother to the late Heath Ledgers daughter. Considering some of William's earlier roles she is nothing short of remarkable - turning in a convincingly measured performance as the repressed Lucile Angellier.

This is more than a conventional wartime romantic movie as it deals realistically with the shocking impact of oppression and the devastating consequences it brings to all involved. Perhaps had the film makers paid a little less attention to the screenplays various sexual intrigues, they may have been able to treat us to those deleted scenes detailing the fascinating real life story - involving the writers daughter discovering her mothers work all those years after the event!. Director and co-screenplay writer Saul Dibb along with collaborating writer Matt Charman - join forces with director of photography Eduard Grau to create some remarkably atmospheric scenes. One well executed sequence featuring endless lines of displaced French families fleeing the relentless onslaught on foot, is a sad and dramatic sight.

Those who remain in their homes are met with enforced billeting of German Officers - this brings out the worst of human nature with neighboring villagers sending notes 'rating' on their fellow neighbor's to gain favour from the Germans - a shocking act indeed. Music plays a key role throughout the film with a romantic piano soliloquy composed by Alexandre Desplate played throughout. The exciting accompanying action score is contributed by Rael Jones. Overall this is a sincere portrait of a dreadful time in human history and while the the script may falter in several situations it's far more thoughtful than some other offerings along these lines. Performances are strong with a sterling cast of professionals working at their peak.

Note: This film is remarkably similar to an earlier production, staring the great Maria Schell "So Little Time" '52" - this marvelous classic film has recently been released on DVD in England and is more than well worth locating.

Reviewed by mlzarathustra 7 / 10

Read the book instead

The 2014 film version is polished and accessible, but it adds several scenes of gratuitous violence and overdone drama from added subplots that detract from the very detachment and sophistication that make the book so unusual. It's probably still worth watching, keeping in mind that it is a garish shadow of the original.

Also, it only covers the second half of the book.

The English translation of the book by Sandra Smith is excellent.

Reviewed by nietta94 6 / 10

Predictable, but enjoyable

Reading the synopsis already gives the directions to the movie; not much of a surprise to me, to be fairly honest. The disposition of characters and their personalities are very well known in romantic fiction.

However, it is still a intriguing and beautiful movie. You can enjoy the marvelous landscapes of France and Belgium countrysides. Though predictable, the dynamic of the main couple is delicate and makes you cheer for them. It also shows the civilian point of view of war, far from the battle camps, but still a painfully one.

This movie gave me exactly what I wanted and expected. A forbidden and almost cheesy romance that's not your usual WWII movie.

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