The Mighty Macs


Action / Drama / Sport

IMDb Rating 6.5 10 1499

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Carla Gugino as Cathy Rush
Ellen Burstyn as Mother St. John
David Boreanaz as Ed Rush
Marley Shelton as Sister Sunday
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

formulaic and sincere

It's 1971 at the all-girls Immaculata College outside of Philidelphia. Mother St. John (Ellen Burstyn) hires Cathy Rush (Carla Gugino) to be the basketball coach. There is no real money, the gym burnt down, and the college is threatened to be sold off. Cathy's NBA ref husband Ed Rush (David Boreanaz) wants her to be more of a housewife. The rules have recently changed to allow the girls play the men's game. Sister Sunday (Marley Shelton) becomes the assistant. The girls struggle with loss after loss until Cathy molds them into a championship team.

This is formulaic but that's no problem for a formulaic sports movie. It's endearing in its own way. The major missing element is a bigger part for one of the players performed by a bright young star. The girls are more or less blanks except for a couple scenes. They are played by relative unknowns and they don't excel. On the other hand, Carla Gugino is great. The big emotional scene of the girl silently weeping in the van after a lost is very good. However, none of the games nor the story are terribly surprising or exciting. The story is fit for a sincere feel-good telling and this does it in a very standard way.

Reviewed by punitivedamages 10 / 10

A fine, fun movie for the whole family

I saw the Mighty Macs in a preview screening tonight, and came away impressed.

First, the themes, or messages, of the movie are good ones. The movie is about a small, cash-strapped girls' school that hires a basketball coach who has visions of greatness. She tries to bring the team around to her vision. So the first theme explored is the theme of staying the course, overcoming obstacles and struggling through adversity. That theme is pretty standard fare for these underdog stories, but it is done well here, and it is all the more resonant because the movie is based on a true story.

The second theme, as I see it, was about the emergence of women in sports and in life in general, and I liked the way that this theme was presented. Nowadays in movies and in the media I often see the raising up of a woman represented by radical cosmetic makeovers or some other reference to external appearance. In the Mighty Macs, the theater actually laughed when they first saw the girls' uniforms. And in one scene, one of the girls on the team who had very little money was called out by someone outside the team for her rundown clothing. Rather than gang up on her, the team rallied to that girl's help. And rather than getting new uniforms so they could be elevated by the clothes, it was the other way around – their inspired play elevated the uniforms, and now the dowdy uniforms are fondly recalled (I know because we got some nice literature from the school at the screening).

Finally, and it's sort of a side note, I liked that there were nuns in the movie, lots of them, and they were not cartoon characters. The movie showed their different personalities; their individuality even amongst their identical appearance, not unlike the team itself. At one point, one of the nuns described her journey toward her vocation, and the treatment of it was entirely respectful. It dignified rather than ridiculed her choice. That should not be remarkable at all, but to me it was, as I almost now expect to see nuns ridiculed.

A fine, fun movie for the whole family.

Reviewed by bear64-1 10 / 10

Great Family Film

This is a great film!!!! Take the Family !! This was very similar to what happened in my all girls school that I attended in 1960. My whole family loved this film!! I wish there were more films like this one!! The perseverance of the girls and the Mother Superior and also especially the coach is remarkable.We were moved to tears at times. Why can't Hollywood make more movies like this??? Maybe they will wake up and make some classic movies again. We would go to the movies more often if they would make them like this one. There are some independent film makers out there maybe we will see more of these kind of movies lets hope so!! I will be watching to maybe see some change in our movies.

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