Two Guys from Milwaukee


Action / Comedy

IMDb Rating 6.3 10 437

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Lauren Bacall as Lauren Bacall
Janis Paige as Polly Pringle
Humphrey Bogart as Humphrey Bogart
Joan Leslie as Connie Reed
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by scotty3333 9 / 10

Two Guys From Milwaukee is great fun.

Two Guys From Milwaukee was a fun, comedic surprise. Yes, it was a little predictable; though, who would win the girl was in question almost until the end. The story moved along quite quickly with smart and snappy dialogue and an array of likable characters.

Beyond the comedy and the quickly developed love story was a very enjoyable window into everyday life in Brooklyn in the mid-1940's--the friendliness, the simplicity (by modern standards), the economic modesty. Director David Butler shot the movie in an intimate fashion, which makes you feel like you're sitting with the characters in the living room, riding the tour bus in Manhattan or waking with them in the morning.

Jack Carson plays the role of Buzz Williams, the very likable Brooklyn cabbie. Carson has played many enjoyable characters, but this one has a unique charm to it. He's a simple enough guy, but with some real life complexity to him. Even during a rather obvious advertisement for democracy (of course, having just won WWII, there's nothing wrong with marketing the winning stuff) Carson delivers the message in a humble, regular-guy-on-the-street way.

All in all, you'll smile through much of the movie and laugh out loud, too. It was a very enjoyable way to spend 90 minutes.

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 8 / 10

A motion picture many decades ahead of its time - the leading lady Joan Leslie is liberated

First of all I am a man writing this review and not a left leaning liberated woman. Having gotten that out of the way, after reading some of the other reviews one would have thought that this picture is just like a string of previous released films in which the dim-witted gorgeous leading lady is confused as to whom she really loves and she will let her two (2) alpha male co-stars duke it out to decide who gets to marry her.

I didn't see the leading lady actress Joan Leslie who plays a manicurist named Connie Reed in the same light as most other narrow minded film goers. No, in my humble opinion the attractive Connie Reed by her own admission had been dating a string of men over the past few years tasting the many different shaped lips of her many male suitors not in a deliberate effort to get her main man cabbie Buzz Williams (Jack Carson) jealous but smartly just to see if she would be missing out on anything before she decided if it was worth settling down with her hack driver Buzz.

I viewed actress Joan Leslie as an actress a half century ahead of her time in which this leading lady certainly had a mind of her own and no one was going to tell her who she could date and where she could be seen in public with, even if it looked as if she may be just another gold digger. Kudos also to the original screenplay writers Charles Hoffman, and I.A.L. Diamond who had the foresight to create Connie Reed's character as a liberated and free thinking woman which was well ahead of its time back in 1946 when this film was first released.

If you think the story is about a foreign prince who comes to Brooklyn to escape his royal treatment and just eat hamburgers and swig beer with a cab driver you would be remiss in your thinking. I believe the message really is about a woman named Connie Reed perfectly cast with Joan Leslie who chooses her own future husband. Before she decides to settle down she wants to take advantage of what other men may have to offer her too and she makes no bones about her strong will and backs down to no man, even if that man is a royal prince.

Two Guys from Milwaukee is an underrated film with a message for liberating woman that was decades ahead of its time. Quite possibly the film saved thousands of women from marrying the wrong man and settling for less than they were deserving of in an equal partner. You may have to watch this film more than once to appreciate the same message that I garnered from this classy comedy/romance film but the message is clear. You are woman and we hear you roar!

A very deserving 8 out of 10 rating

Reviewed by hawaiialin 8 / 10

Great comedy, Great acting

It caught me by surprise, having seen previous Jack Carson movies. I felt that this was a nice and light comedy that rivals some of the big budget flicks that lack acting talent in today's world. The story moved with a good flow, the plot was predictable yet acceptable. Kudos for a movie that the whole family can enjoy. Jack Carson was the usual energetic character that he always seems to have been. His dynamism and antics bring light to a film that I feel would have felt short otherwise. The rest of the cast fit in perfectly and the cameos by Lauren Bacal and Humphrey Bogart towards the very end were pleasantly casted and surprising. Highly recommend it.

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