Willy's Wonderland


Action / Comedy / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 61%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 73%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 13683

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Uploaded By: FREEMAN
April 02, 2021 at 04:01 AM



Caylee Cowan as Kathy
Beth Grant as Sheriff Lund
Emily Tosta as Liv Hawthorne
Grant Cramer as Jerry Robert Willis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ThomDerd 6 / 10

A Nick Cage Film. Campy and weird AF but entertaining!

Strange and crazy idea at the same time, coupled with a "special performance" by Cage. For the fans of Nick Cage this is a treat, he is giving the audience what it needs. If someone remembers the SNL skit "why am i not in that moviee?" then they know that Cage could not have said no to this one. The story is simple: he gets stuck somehow in a random town and agrees to work for a night in Willy's Wonderland. Shortly after he has to fight against an evil bunch of animatronics, while consuming energy drinks and being nick cage. I have to admit that the work on the animatronics was good, sound mixing was good and the fight scenes were ranging from funny to fun. Don't expect to be very (or at all) scared; maybe just creeped out by the animatronics. Obviously, don't take this film seriously. It's campy enough and does a weird tribute to this horror genre and to Nick Cage maybe... But it is definitely entertaining. 6 /10

Reviewed by Blk_Ne190 6 / 10

Cheap and Cheerful

I enjoyed this movie. It was pretty contained and I think used it's script and budget really well together.

This film does seem a lot cheaper than it actually is, I think most of the money was probably spent on Nicholas Cage. I do however think that they used it well and it didn't really need any more spending on it. I think where it shows it most is the other actors. Some feel like they may have actually just found them in the town they shot at. It doesn't detract from the film it just kind of sticks out a little bit.

I think the story is pretty interesting too. It was a little bit different which I appreciated. I think the action was pretty engaging too. I will say at some points the film did sag a little bit and I was like this feels a lot longer than an hour and a half. But for the most part it clipped along.

I do think the comedy let it down a little. Some of the jokes were just awful and not funny. You can tell it is meant to be a comedic beat but I honestly was like "that was a joke?".

I thought the movie looked pretty good for the most part too.

I would give it a watch.

Reviewed by jcooloti 2 / 10

I love Nicolas Cage but...


I'm a huge Cage fan. I love that he's been doing B Movies and whacked out films. I love whacked out films. Horror-Comedy, gore filled slash fest, tripped out gnarly artsy stuff... I love a lot of different types of films... love cult films.

But... I'll say it again. THIS MOVIE SUCKS. It's got to be the lamest and worst movie I've ever seen. The teenage kids are AWFUL. The writing is TERRIBLE. The cinematography comes off as TRASHY and DESPERATE.

The filmmakers were really relying on Cage and his cult following ( I definitely qualify for membership) to carry their movie... but even Nicolas Cage can't save this horrible steaming pile.

If ya like the concept, play the classic Five Nights at Freddy's computer games. They're funny and scary. They're great. This movie is not.

I truly feel sorry for anyone who paid 20 dollars to stream this piece of junk. Just because a movie is trying to be a "cult film" doesn't mean that's what makes it good or cool.

Ya got 2 stars just cuz' my boy Cage is in it. Ya might have gotten 3 or 4 if you gave him some lines. But you didn't. You just had him play pinball... which wasn't cool or neat or anything. It was just outright lame and stupid. Like this movie.

Hated it. Don't kid yourself. It sucks.

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